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Positive Mind and Healthy Body
Best Health Dance refreshes your body and heals your mind. It is a workout that is totally exhilarating!
Best Health Dance is an easy-to-follow dance that anyone can enjoy! With 18 different movements, this health-boosting dance will let your mind and body become one, and will let your energy levels become soaring! Towards the end of the song, you can play it loud and rock with friends to your own rules. Before you know it, your body and mind will become refreshed.
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A dance that you can rock with your friends to your own rules!

The first half of the dance lets you sculpt your entire body through engaging different dancing movements. The second half of the dance lets you move to the beat at your own style so that you can become totally open minded .
You can watch
the different dancing movements here
01 Feet Dance
  • 01
    Feet Dance
  • 02
    Knees Dance
  • 03
    Butt Dance
  • 04
    Waist Dance
  • 05
    Belly Dance
  • 06
    Chest Dance
  • 07
    Shoulder Dance
  • 08
    Neck Dance
  • 09
    Head Dance
  • 10
    Dance going forward/backward
  • 11
    Dance spinning round and round
  • 12
    Dance the whole body dance
  • 13
    Dance your best dance
  • 14
    Dance just dance
  • 15
    Dance like you're out of your mind
  • 16
    Dance lots and lots
  • 17
    Keep on keep on dancing
At school, at work, and at home
Dance three times a day! Best Health Dance lets you shake and sculpt your way to a healthy body for an active lifestyle.
Feeling tired after studying? Feeling overwhelmed by your workload? Feeling that you and your family or friends need a work out? Best Health Dance is a health-boosting dance that anyone can enjoy. By transforming your basic workout movements into a dance. Best Health Dance lets you shake and sculpt your way to a healthy body for an active lifestyle.
It is a 6 minute dance, twice in the morning, twice at noon, and twice in the evening. A total of 36 minutes a day. It is an invigorating exercise that will make your daily life fresher and leave with a feeling of exhilaration!
  • Letting your children to move to the beat at their own speed: At kindergartens
    Let your children move to the beat at their own speed: At kindergartens
  • Raising emotion stability for active children At schools
    Raises emotional stability for active children: At school
  • Healing time for adults with work overload stress: At companies, government agencies, and NGOs
    Gives healing time for adults with work overload stress: At companies, government agencies, NGOs
  • Relaxing mind and body for the best families: At home
    Relaxes the mind and body forfamilies: At home
  • Best Health Dance UCC that transcends cultures and geographies. Became one with fun rhythms and healthy dancing steps!
    Best Health Dance UCC transcends cultures and touches people around the world. Become one with these fun rhythms and healthy dance moves!
Helps become one with family and friends! You will find yourself having more time with people around you, and you will become brighter and lighter!
What is Best Health Dance?
Best Health Dance was created by Teacher Woo Myung in April 2012. He created both the song and dance movements. He is the founder of this meditation as well as a bestselling author and poet of ten books.
His book, Stop Living in This land Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness Live There Forever was notably a Top 100 bestseller for 2012 on Amazon. This book has garnered much attention, respect, and interest around the world. It has won five international book awards. Another best seller by the author, Where You Become True is the Place of Truth was awarded the Montaigne Medal for most thought provoking book by Eric Hoffer Book Awards.
The author has already composed 26 songs with Best Health Dance being his most recent dancing song for the public. Please visit
Meditation Community Club
Meditation Community Club is a non-profit organization for those who are practicing this meditation. In order to achieve a society that coexists, people from all different backgrounds and walks of life gather for volunteer works. The Meditation Community consists of Meditation Medical Association, which is a volunteering community founded by more than 100 doctors and Chinese Medicine doctors; Meditation Teachers Association, founded by school teachers to promote humanitarian education. Meditation Community Club aims to enhance physical and emotional well being for society through promoting this Best Health Dance.
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